Ever thought of purchasing music for your favourite feline?

Well now you can, with A website that is built especially for YOUR cat’s enjoyment of music.

A little bit creepy? Perhaps. 

Musician and Composer, David Teie has composed a number of these ‘tracks’. Imitations of feline vocal communication (purrs, meows, screeches) and sounds of their environment are musically bound to create songs that would potentially appeal to domestic cats and affect their behaviour and their emotions.

He has even created GENRES for said cat songs:


Jokes aside, there has been much research and science put into this project, which he likes to call ‘species-specific music’. He has also similarly experimented with monkey sounds/music (to be discussed in a future post).

After recognising the differences amongst mammalian interpretations and absorption of sound, through his experimentation with animals and music, he carefully constructs sounds that latch onto ‘species-specific’ aural interests. His studies show that animals are more likely to respond to music of their own kind, rather than human music. He has conducted this research working alongside psychologist Charles T. Snowdon.

To end this blog post, I shall leave you with a quote taken from the website:

"A hundred years from now people will have to be taught that music was once available only to humans."


*Sorry, they’re $1.99